Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Chemo - Round 4

Chemo round #4 - 2 months down, 4 months to go! #cancersucks #cancerclinic #chemo #kgh @kghconnectToday was round 4 of Mark's chemo.

I'd be lying if I said that it wasn't starting to get to him.  We try to focus on the fact that he's 2 months in now, with only 4 to go.  33% of the way through.

He's been having a lot of nausea since the last session and his energy level is taking a beating.  They keep telling us that the medication he's receiving accumulates in his system and that this is part of the normal process.  I think it's discouraging for him because he's thinking, if I feel this lousy after only 2 months, how will I feel at 4 months... and at 6.  Fear of the unknown is a powerful thing and it's hard not to wonder.

My hope is that he's just had a bad patch these past few days and that it will get better.  Overall, I'm very proud of what he has accomplished.  I don't think too many folks could continue to work every day, and do the stuff he's been doing in the garden recently, while taking chemo.  Perhaps this is just his body's way of telling him to slow it down a bit.

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