Friday, June 26, 2009

Sammy's got a new doo

Sammy's got a new doo
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. I'll admit that it took me almost an entire day to adjust to Sam with his new, cool, summer hair cut. The only fluffy bits left on him are his tail and behind his ear. Gracie had to sniff his but a bunch of extra times when he got home to make sure it was Sam.

. Today is my last day in the office for a week. That's right kiddos, I'm off next week. Keep your fingers crossed for me that it's sunny and nice, I have outside painting I need to do next week.

. Of course, if it did rain, I could hang out in the gazebo with the dogs and a pile of trade paperbacks I have.

. I tweeted this last night but feel that it needs repeating, this is not a good week for pop culture icons from my 1970's childhood.

. In a way, I'm sure that the O'Neal / Fawcett must be a little relieved to be pushed to the edge of the spotlight right now. Given what they've been going through for the past 3+ years as they've supported Farrah in her battle against cancer, I'm sure they'll be grateful for some peace.

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