Wednesday, January 01, 2014

holiday wrap up

Happy New Year.

It’s hard to believe that it’s 2014 already and that I’m returning to work tomorrow.

My last day in the office for 2013 was December 13 so I’ve been off work for a while. I deliberately like to go back on the 2nd because so many of my colleagues will be away that it provides a nice environment to ease back into things.

The year is not starting off like I’d hoped it would but it’s not for a lack of trying. I had a couple of goals I had set for myself and implemented plans to achieve them and they didn’t work. Sometimes that happens I suppose. I’m old enough, and hopefully wise enough, to not take it personally. From time to time, the universe just decides to take a shit on your head.

For the most part, I was sick over the holidays this year. I had a horrible flu for a few days and was left with a nasty chest cold that is still hanging on. Admittedly, it is getting a bit better every day, just not as quickly as I would like. Because of the sickness, I didn’t do as much holiday shopping as I would have liked to, nor was I able to get as much baking done as I normally would do. What bothers me most of all though is that it put the kibosh on visiting with friends. Between my horrible bug and the gigantic ice storm, I didn’t get out to see everyone I wanted to.

For 2014, I am making no resolutions. I have to reset my own goals and rework my plans so things get better for me (ie I need to find some kind of shit proof hat) but that has nothing to do with the New Year. There is just stuff I need to do to keep myself sane and happy. All I’m asking for in 2014 is that everyone be happy and healthy. I am really tired of awesome people dying or being diagnosed with horrible diseases. That can stop anytime.

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