Tuesday, November 26, 2013

keep calm and shovel (maybe)

Winter garden
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Twas the night before the first forecasted large-ish snow storm of the season
And all through the town
Some folks were freaking out
Others were playing it down

Seriously folks?? We live in Canada, in Southeastern Ontario. This particular part of the world does get snow. Every year. We had some arrive on Saturday afternoon – it didn’t stick around very long but it was here for a few minutes. Just because the folks on the weather channel are all worked up into a lather right now, that doesn’t mean that you have to be as well.

Just stay calm. We may not get that much snow. Even if we do, there is really no reason to crowd the grocery store tonight. I doubt very much that too many of us will be trapped in our homes due to heavy accumulations of the white stuff. Right now, my front lawn is green and it's raining a bit. I suspect I'll still be able to see some blades of grass in the morning and am really not stressed about the "storm."

If you’re feeling anxious about the impending “storm,” here is my advice to you:
  • Enjoy the peace and beauty of the freshly fallen snow (if we get any).
  • Try not to grumble too much if you have to shovel in the morning (think about how awesome your lungs will feel as you do that cardio in fresh, clean, cold air).
  • Remind yourself that whatever falls tonight will likely be gone by the weekend, if not before.

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