Thursday, August 22, 2013

Off Target?

Earlier this week, when stories started showing up in my newsfeed about how the newly opened Canadian Target Stores were contributing to a loss of profits for the big box stores.  If I had seen these stories a couple of weeks ago, I would probably have been surprised.  Prior to going on vacation, I’d not visited a Target store. 

Over the years, many of my friends had raved to me about the deals they had found at Target stores in the states.  Stories had been told about lovely stores, filled to the rim with bargains.  I am not much of a shopper normally but I found myself really looking forward to visiting  to newly opened store here in Kingston.  Common sense told me to to wait a couple of weeks to let some of the hoopla die down before  venturing out.

While I was on my holidays, my mother and I took a trip to Target.  We were there before the doors opened because we are both early shoppers and don’t care for crowds.   When we walked into the store, it looked very pretty, shiny, new.  The folks working there were friendly and courteous.  I can’t really fault the staff in any way.

I had a pretty long list of things I wanted to look for:  a new fall handbag, a comforter for our bed, a pastry blender, some health and beauty aids and other household items.  Overall, I have to say that I was very disappointed with both the prices and the selection.  Perhaps the store was “picked over” because of the recent grand opening but I was surprised to find the shelves half empty in the linens department.  The accessories department was very similar, a small amount of stock and really not great prices.  I experienced a fair bit of sticker shock. 

Eventually, I did find a few things I needed:  a new wall clock (for $5!), some nail polish (their make-up area is gorgeous and well stocked), shampoo and lint rollers.  For the rest of the items on my list, I had to go elsewhere. 

As disappointed as I was, I told myself that perhaps this was just the result of a very successful grand opening and promised to return.  I’ll give them one more chance but that's it.  I felt extremely let down by the store.  The week they were opening, I was tweeting back and forth with them, trying to find their flyer online (our store’s flyer did not go live on the day the store opened – it was posted after their “grand opening” – the date of which could not be found on their website).  I found that whole exercise to be really frustrating and should probably have seen that as a sign that this was not going to be a terrific experience for me.  No wonder I try to shop online as much as I possibly can!

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