Tuesday, July 31, 2012

pooling around

backyard pool
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We've had a lot of stuff on our plates this summer and it hasn't left us with much time or energy to use for much that is fun.

Having said that, we did get to two Roger Waters shows in June and earlier this month, Mark and a good friend of ours, drove to Quebec City and stood with 75,000 of their closest friends to see Roger wrap up the Wall on the Plains of Abraham.

Roger shows aside though, we have just been running and running. I've been pretty busy with work stuff, Mark's been recovering from his Kidney surgery and the days have just flown by.

On Saturday afternoon, on our way home from doing some errands, we drove by the outdoor municipal pool which is ridiculously close to our house. A couple of years ago, the pool was demolished and rebuilt and it reopened last summer. We wanted to get there last year but it was either too busy or the weather was crappy and we never made it.

When we drove by on Saturday, it didn't seem too busy so we decided to go for the evening swim at 5 p.m. We were SO glad we did. I love to swim and it had been ages since we had been. The facility is gorgeous, the staff are very friendly and obviously very well trained. I was quite impressed with the way they dealt with the kids who were having dive-off contests in the deep end. The place has sunny spots and shady spots and even provided really comfy lounge chairs.

On Saturday evening, we had such a good time that we went back on Sunday morning. We'll definitely go back again, hopefully this weekend if the weather allows. We're starting vacation on Friday night and I think a few visits to the pool will be on our agenda. I totally forgot how much fun it is to be in or near the water. We're both nursing a bit of sun burn this week but I think it was worth it!

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