Thursday, April 22, 2010

gazebo lights

gazebo lights
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so it's been a while huh?

I think about writing frequently but recently, I feel like I have the attention span of a goldfish (and trust me, I know from experience, gold fish have a short attention span). Sitting down and writing hasn't been top of my list but I thought I would check in.

Spring arrived very early around this part of the world this year and we've been taking advantage of the nice weather. It feels odd that at this time of the year, the lawn already really needs to be cut and the trees are only days away from being full of leaves again.

Over the easter long weekend, we did a fair bit of work in the back yard. Cleaning up, putting the gazebo together, getting patio furniture out, that kind of thing. We haven't done a thing to the front of the house yet but we use the back a lot more and there was the "poop factor" to deal with so.. yeah.

Work has been really busy lately. It's a good kind of busy but the pace is a little frantic at times. I've been working for the past week on a project which was due to be completed today. I was able to get it together but didn't really have an opportunity to catch my breath because I'm onto a few other things which are quickly creeping up on me. How's that old song go, "some days you're the wind shield, some days you're the bug"? It's a little like that. Lucky for me, I do enjoy what I'm doing so the busy isn't bad.

The dogs are doing great, really enjoying the nice weather and spending most of the day on the deck. They had a busy week last week, a trip to the groomers AND their annual physicals. They look great and are both healthy but boy howdy, we're broke again for a while. They are worth it though, Sam and Gracie are pretty awesome.

Speaking of awesome, Mark had a birthday last week. I say awesome because he is awesome. There, did I say awesome enough? He got his birthday gift two days early (his birthday was on the 14th). On April 12, Roger Water announced tour dates for fall 2010. He's taking the Wall back on the road. Mark saw the Wall in New York in 1980 and in Berlin in 1990, I don't think anything will stop him from seeing it in Toronto, Montreal and Ottawa in 2010.

So in a nutshell, that's what is happening with us. Nothing terribly exciting but that's okay with me for the moment.

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