Monday, March 01, 2010

pretty smiling gracie

pretty smiling gracie
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I'm finally feeling like I'm back to "normal" after that bad bug I had a couple of weeks ago.

Last week, I made it through the whole week at work although, by the end of the day each day, I was pretty fried. As you can imagine, having missed four days of work had left me pretty behind. The gals in my office were super awesome about it though. I'm still trying to dig myself out this week and I know that's because the first couple of days I was back last week, I wasn't moving at full speed. Eventually I'll catch up though, I'm not too worried... not yet anyway.

The weekend was quiet. I had a huge amount of housework to catch up but only managed to get a minimal amount of it done. Yesterday afternoon I was so pooped that I slept for over 2 hours in the afternoon. It was hard, weird dreamy sleep too. The kind where when you wake up, you're really out of it.

Tonight, once we got home from a couple of errands, both Mark and Gracie were feeling off. I think for Mark, he let his blood sugar get too low before he ate and now it's out of sorts. This doesn't happen to him very often and I know he'll feel better in the morning but it's sort of scary for him when it does happen. Gracie, I'm not sure what's up with her.

She was all full of beans when we got home. We were out on the deck right after we got home and she suddenly got very quiet and actually let me pick her up without a fuss. She rarely does this, she likes to herd rather than be herded. Anyway, we noticed when I put her down that she was moving slowly, particularly slowly on the steps. It almost looks like the time she injured herself hurling herself at the fence, chasing squirrels.

She's a little better now than she was 2 hours ago so I'm thinking it's not anything serious. Not the big yelping like last time. If she starts limping again, I may call the vet and ask if it's okay to give her some of the anti-inflammatory stuff we have leftover (it's like ibuprofen for dogs). The squirrels and raccoons are back in full force and yesterday we awoke to a yard stinking of skunk so I know that it's critter central out there so she's probably overdone it. It's a worry still, and you hate to see them not feeling good. It's times like this that I really wish she could talk, it would sure make things easier.

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